The Siemon Company
Watertown, CT


Assist the company in creating a convenient, cost-effective means of taking orders and distributing branded merchandise to their strategic partners, sales force, and employees worldwide.


Create an online e-store that would be accessible to their international audience and provide better brand control. Provide a variety of high-quality merchandise that would exemplify Siemon’s brand image, with new offerings made available each season to keep interest and sales high.


Provided the design, maintenance, hosting and fulfillment for the interactive online store. Mechandise included embroidered shirts, jackets, and hats; silkscreened computer bags, duffel bags, CD holders, beach bags and towels, MP3 players, key chains, and pens; engraved pocket knives, clocks, and calculators; embossed portfolios; and more.

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  • Phone: 857-239-8686
  • Fax: 857-277-0970