Grolier Books – Sports Illustrated for Kids


When Grolier was looking to increase subscription sales and readership for Sports Illustrated KIDS, they turned to Jordan Group for an innovative marketing idea. The promotional item selected had to be focused on a targeted audience of kids and preteens up to 17 years old and designed to appeal to a “cool athlete”. The item created also should promote positive values of sportsmanship and the fun of reading with the goal of improving reading skills using sports as the topic.


To increase readership and response, the promotional item created was a custom designed sport bag with a cool logo that kids and preteens utilized with pride for their sporting events. The logo design created was a 4 color process image that represented the “cool athlete” and the sport bag was created overseas to achieve a budgetary requirement – with a tight timeline.


Subscriptions increased and the sport bag represented athletes from all sporting teams and encouraged its members to strive to be like their favorite athletes.

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